DJ   Kay Cali

Kayleen Nelson, aka DJ Kay Cali, is a California native turned Austin staple in the DJ community. DJ Kay Cali has been spinning events for years.  Being classically trained as a percussionist, the turntables came natural to Kay.  Her knowledge of music is not limited to just one genre, she has the ability to play Motown, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Latin R&B and much more.  Whenever she is not out DJ'ing, she is always practicing to get to the next level.

DJ Kay Cali is comfortable in any setting, from a kids party to a formal affair, Kay is the DJ of choice. She has provided the soundtrack for private celebrity events, weddings, corporate events like Ferrari, Beyonce's house of Dereon in Houston, TX and many others in addition to her weekly gigs, including her hugely popular monthly R&B event, "Groove Theory".  DJ Kay Cali is friendly, outgoing and one of Austin's most popular DJ.